Single - $205
Partners - $320


Access to it all! You have made fitness a priority in your life and we love it. 

Receive unlimited access to our group classes, open gym sessions and remote programming.

  • One of a kind in-house programming 

  • Exclusive access to daily ROMWOD videos

  • Use of NormaTec Recovery system

  • Trained and supportive coaches and staff

  • Welcoming and like-minded community

  • Brand new facility and equipment 

  • Access to gym events and activities

  • Members receive discounts to Thorne and cbdMD.com.

If you are a full-time student, ask about a discount!

Single - $109
Partners - $149


Did you build out a sweet home gym during Covid? Our location a little too far for your commute? We've got you covered.​​

  • Daily programming available to you through SugarWOD

  • Tracking of your workouts/scores

  • Supportive gym community that comments and congratulates you on your workout

  • Access to warm up, workout notes and variations based on your equipment and home setup

  • Exclusive access to daily ROMWOD videos




Visiting town and want to drop in for a class? No prob! You can sign up for either a group CrossFit class or an Open Gym session. 

Easiest way is to click on the "Sign Up" button below, find the class time that works best for you on the calendar, click on "New Here" and choose the Drop-in option. 

*For CrossFit classes, please be sure that you have prior experience so that you feel comfortable and safe doing the movements. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions beforehand. 

Punch Card



The best hour of your day. Educated trainer, supportive classmates, constantly varied program that keeps your fitness needle moving forward.

This package is for 10 CrossFit group classes, expiring 120 days after purchase. Please reserve your spot for class on our website.

Open Gym



Have your own programming you follow? Or want to get some extra fitness time in? No worries! Open Gym allows you to come in on your own time, use our facility, and get on with your day.

Open Gym is set for one hour increments, although it is unlimited use to you throughout the month. Please register before attending so we can ensure there is ample space. Reservations close 1 hour before session start time. A staff member will be present at all times for any questions you have.


Please be respectful of others and sanitize/put back any equipment you use.

Personal Training
1:1 - $90
2:1 - $140



One hour dedicated to you. From warm up to cool down, work with your chosen personal trainer on your specific goals and needs. 

Click on the Inquire button below and fill out our short form. Once we have a better grasp of your scheduling needs and preferences, we can pair you with one of our amazing and experienced trainers!