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personal training seattle fitness crossfit


1:1 $90

2:1 $140

One hour dedicated to you. From warm-up to cool down, work with your chosen personal trainer on your specific goals and needs. 


If you feel timid working out in a group setting, or want direct assistance from experienced health professionals, we recommend signing up for personal training.


What is the difference between personal training and group classes? All eyes are on you! And by all eyes, I mean two. :) Just your coach's. You can focus on whatever you want during these sessions. Weight loss, strength training, Olympic lifting technique, whatever you have in mind. 

Intro to CrossFit Movements

3 sessions for $150

For those who are newer to CrossFit or to barbell movements in general, we suggest starting with some personal training so that you can go over the foundational movements you would be seeing in class. Squatting, pressing, pulling, Olympic lifts, etc. That way, once you jump into a class you will feel more comfortable and prepared. Depending on how long the workout is, the coach might not have time to break down certain movements as much as one would need.  


We recommend at least 3 sessions before joining the group classes. After those initial sessions, we can discuss if you want to continue doing some personal training on top of classes. 

This package is for 3 personal training sessions, expiring 60 days after purchase.

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