E for Affort

Is this going to be another blog that somehow uses fantasy football as the vehicle that delivers my point? Oh absofreakinlutely! Don't worry though, I will keep it short this time...probably.

To sum up fantasy football, or fantasy sports for that matter is that you are trying to draft players for your team, and based on those players' real-life performance, you get points. So if they do well, then you get more points. If they do poorly, then you score poorly. Pretty straightforward. The real skill of fantasy, is where can you get the best value for your picks? The better players get drafted early, and the lesser-known players get drafted later, or not at all. However, in most times, first-round draft picks don't pan out with the first-round production, and somewhere in the later rounds, some Johnny No-name ends up killing it. So now it's our job to guess and sift through the expectation vs reality debate of which players to draft. Certain analysts love to do a game called, Can You Guess the Player:

• Player A: 4,054 yards passing, 63% completion, 38 touchdowns, 13 interceptions.

• Player B: 3,976 yards passing, 65% completion, 37 touchdowns, 9 interceptions.

Then they make the big reveal that Player A is Tom Brady, and player B is Johnny No-name. Their point is to show you that you can find unhyped first-round value way down the board.

Now, I'm going to play a game called, Guess That Client:

• Client A: Goes to the grocery store and shops perimeter isles. Drinks a tall americano with a splash of cream. Sleeps for 7 hours. Watches one hour of Netflix. Goes to the gym and workouts out for an hour. Orders Uber Eats poke.

• Client B: Goes to the grocery store and shops inner isles. Drinks a viente caramel machiatto. Is in bed for 7 hours, but sleeps for 5 hours because of trolling Instagram for a few hours before. Watches 3 hours of Netflix. Goes to the gym for an hour, but does 3 x 10 of the neck machine, and loses track of time, and leaves, but feels good for "going to the gym today". Orders an Uber Eats burger and fries.

Client A: willing to make the right decisions at the moment for not only their goals but for what is good for them.

Client B: someone who wants the result, but is not willing to make the decisions or actions to lead them there.

The cool thing about this analyst's (myself) point here, is that this isn't fantasy football. We don't have to guess here about who will score more touchdowns. I showed you the differences between clients A and B, but let's look at the astounding element to this drawn-out point...the similarities:

• Both made the effort to go to the grocery store.

• Both made the effort to go into their local coffee shop and choose a drink to order.

• Both are in bed for around 7 hours.

• Both decide to turn Netflix on.

• Both make the effort to go to the gym.

• Both don't have the energy to cook and decide to order out.

The difference? Intent. You see, most people think that when they have to change for the better or let's say healthier instead, that it's some crazy extreme. As if the spectrum only consists of My 600lb Life, or Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's diet and workout routine. People, there is a place on the spectrum that allows you to both be healthy, both inside and out, and enjoy life without these absolute restraints on you. However, we need to stop pampering the present self and start making decisions that cater to the future self, becoming the present self. Pleasure and happiness are not the same.

Both clients walked into the grocery store, but one client turned left, made the effort and intention to go pick up fruits, vegetables, and eggs, while the other client turned right and went down the middle isles and grabbed everything in a box. Both were willing to give their money away for a coffee, and both looked up at the same menu, yet one decided to order a drink that will put them immediately in the dentist's chair. You would be surprised at how easy and how only a few degrees of separation there is that lies between achieving your goals and feeling good, and grossly missing out on your goals and feeling like a sad sack of shikaka (shout out to Ace Ventura).

If I could exhaust this metaphor, are you really surprised that your fantasy team (you) is in the bottom three of the league, and not crushing it at the top? Stop selling yourself short and convincing yourself that it's too hard and that you have to be perfect (no such thing, by the way, the irony in the existence of the word), and that it requires all of this crazy time and effort beyond what you are already doing. You know you have to eat. You know you have to sleep. You know you are going to end up moving your body somehow somewhere in the day. So stop doing the minimum just for a gold star on paper, and then wonder why there is no progress made. Stop looking for someone to say, "Hey, A for effort though right?" Wrong, that approach is more like E for Affort. All it takes is to turn left, not right. Uber Eats a better option, not a greasy option. To do more than 3 x 10 neck at the gym. I mean you drove there, so you might as well sweat some. Clean up your coffee drink. You're not 13 years old trying to trick yourself that coffee is good for the first time. Lay in bed, go to sleep. Pretty simple. Stop looking at how other people live their life. Spoiler. It's a snapshot, not a 24-hour live stream. They aren't crushing it like they want you to believe.

The result is the simple byproduct of the decisions we make daily. So let's start making slightly better decisions. Not perfect, just better. You got this.

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