New Page, New Day

Well for those who know anything about me and my inability to stay content with the fantasy team that I drafted, and needing to trade and switch my way out of what I originally did, then you won't be surprised that I also found the need to change and switch our website around.

March 1 marked our six month anniversary of being open. And by golly, you guys deserve a better website with clearer pictures, more links, more information, cool scrolling backdrops that always make me appreciate how little I know about the tech world and how easily I get amazed. So here it is guys, in all it's glory! That is, until I probably change something about it later...

We at PUSH are always trying to think of the big and small things that we can do to be here for you guys and provide a service to keep you going through these crazy times we call COVID. Please let us know if there is anything that we can do, or add, to keep you guys on your path in #makingdopefitness.

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