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We started PUSH Box for a single purpose: to keep community together. 2020 was an insane year that affected us all in so many ways. Work, school, even simply shaking someone's hand. It's all different now. And no exception was made for fitness. That changed too. Thanks COVID. :)


We soon realized that the main thing we were missing the most was our gym community. The folks that pushed you to continue as workouts seemed like they were never going to end. Your lifting partner yelling like crazy as you just made a PR lift. That go-to friend that you could always count on high-fiving you at the end of a workout. Sometimes we as adults forget how much fun it is to be with our friends. To get dirty and sweaty and take risks. To run so fast your legs can't keep up. Life nowadays can sometimes feel like just work, work, work. But the gym is different. It's the playground for us adults. It's our happy place.

So we created PUSH Box as a virtual gym and community first, offering live Zoom classes and online programming. We did this knowing that once we were able to, we would build off of that and open our own brick and mortar gym. That has always been our dream. The gym is where we met back in 2017, it's where we have met so many of our closest friends, it's where we feel most comfortable and challenged. 


After finding a sweet location and with COVID hopefully behind us, we are super excited to be opening our doors and invite you all to come check out our space. We are offering group CrossFit classes, open gym sessions and personal training. 

So come meet some new people and let's make some dope fitness together. 

Trysh and Aidan Malody

Speaking of community, we are proud to be sponsors of our Queen Anne Neighborhood!