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We don’t want the gym to just be somewhere you go for an hour a day. We want to create a community that everyone can feel connected to. Somewhere that you feel comfortable and excited to hang out at, not just during workouts, but before and after too. Where you can find “your people.” And for that reason, we love being social outside of the gym walls. Whirlyball, happy hours, mini golf. We always have something planned for your social calendar so that you can get to know the people working out next to you even better. 


For those that want to take it to the next level and challenge themselves, we have created a group within the larger gym population of athletes that participate in local competitions. Whether on a team or as an individual, you definitely push yourself harder when you know you have something to work towards, like an upcoming competition! We meet weekly to train in addition to attending regular classes, and welcome anyone that wants to sign up for their first competition to join us! The adrenaline rush is like no other and you will be hooked from the first workout.

crossfit competition, crossfit training, pull-ups, seattle crossfit, crossfit training
CrossFit, CrossFit classes, Seattle, group fitness, personal training, open gym


One of our biggest priorities when opening the gym was to immerse ourselves in the community and to support the same people that we hope will support our small business. To pay it forward. And this is one of the ways we can do that. From Farmers Markets to Little League, we have chosen various local programs to sponsor that we feel align with our values and beliefs in staying healthy and supporting those around us.

Queen Anne Little League
Lincoln High School Volleyball
Queen Anne Farmer's Market
American Cancer Society Making Strides Seattle


It's amazing to feel, witness, and be a part of a community that cheers each other on through the training, the learning, the sweating...the burpees. There is no better way to create a bond with someone than when you suffer together and come out the other end victorious. We try our best to let people feel safe being who they are experience-wise in the gym, and to push people appropriately harder than they would on their own at home or at a globo gym. 


We laugh, we have fun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

CrossFit, CrossFit classes, Seattle, group fitness, personal training, open gym


FOOTBALL IS LIFE. If you watch Ted Lasso, you know that to be true. Where better to test your fitness than on the pitch? And with your gym besties? We have our very own co-ed soccer team that plays on the Greater Seattle Soccer League, headed straight to the top!

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