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COVID, am I right? We all went through it. No need to rehash those dark times. Work, school, even simply shaking someone's hand. It all had to be reinvented. And no exception was made for fitness. That changed too. 


So in 2020 we created PUSH Box as a virtual gym and community, offering live Zoom classes and online programming. We did this knowing that once we were able to, we would build off of that and open our own brick-and-mortar gym. That has always been our dream. The gym is where we met back in 2017, it's where we have met so many of our closest friends, it's where we feel most comfortable and challenged. 


Sometimes we as adults forget how much fun it is to be with our friends. To get dirty and sweaty and take risks. To go so fast your lungs can't keep up. Life nowadays can sometimes feel like it’s all work, work, work. But the gym is different. It's the playground for us adults. It's our happy place.

In 2021, after finding a sweet location in North Queen Anne, we officially opened our doors. We love to pick up heavy things, discuss life’s wonders and push each other through the pain. We are a very social, supportive, and welcoming group. 

So come meet some great people and let's make some dope fitness together.

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